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Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Highfather, and the Forever People battle the dark enemy!

With Fyre gloating over the capture of Mister Miracle and over half the members of the Forever People, Highfather comes to his senses and sets out to confront her with Barda in tow. Inside, Fyre begins torturing Highfather, an act which serves to remind Scott of the beatings that he sustained under the tutelage of Granny Goodness.

Scott breaks free and releases his fellow hostages. With their combined might, Fyre and her minions are quickly dispatched. The minion of The Dark retreats and Highfather removes her underlings from the local plane. Barda interrupts a moment too late and reminds everyone that Beautiful Dreamer is in labor at that very moment.

Dreamer gives birth to a surprisingly verbose boy, Highfather and Scott come to some semblance of peace, and the Forever People depart with their new member. Barda and her husband are able to take only a single breath of relief before realizing that Oberon is missing.

Note: Later authors have retroactively removed Dreamer's child from continuity, as well as her relationship with Bear.

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