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A remarkably cheery Highfather decides to spend a few days with the son he never sees.  Against the veiled threats and objections of Oberon, he moves into Scott and Barda's Bailey home for a short while to experience a bit of life on Earth.  Highfather partakes of many of the planet's offerings, which include television, tuxedos, and lucky charms.
Meanwhile, an ominous, but surprisingly irrelevant-to-the-current issue shadowy monster advances on the home.
The next day, Highfather and Mister Miracle fly competitively on their aero-disks.  They exchange bits of wisdom and slivers of the past before returning for dinner.  Once home, they find that Barda has burnt everything (a common joke in the series).  Highfather uses his powers to make improvements to the cuisine just as Ed and Kathleen Ferber arrive.  Just as it seems that everything is perfect for once, Highfather reveals that he has invited the Forever People as well, who promptly arrive via Boom Tube on their Super Cycle.

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