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Mister Miracle continues to cast himself in the role of Messiah. Troubled by such an unpredictable motivational shift, Darkseid tasks Granny Goodness with killing Mister Miracle. To that end, she deploys a Photon Patrol, to Earth, to carry out the execution. In full view of his audience, Mister Miracle is set upon by the Photon Patrol. Only Oberon realizes the attack is not part of Mister Miracle's act. The World's Greatest Escape Artist dispatches his attackers by flying in among high tension wires. The less maneuverable Photon Patrol impacts the wires, and, to a man, are electrocuted. Observing the failure of the Photon Patrol, Darkseid suggests a different tact to Granny Goodness. The attack from Apokolips all but confirms that Mister Miracle has chosen the right path. Celebrating in their hotel room, Mister Miracle reveals to Oberon, Big Barda, and Ted Brown, the techniques he employed to perform his latest death-defying feat. Meanwhile, In Glendale, California, Rex and Ida Hubbard are putting their daughter, Alianna, through her paces. Pride fills Ida's heart at her daughters feats of almost super-human agility. Rex, however, finds his daughter terrifying. Her inscrutable stare. Her total lack of emotion. The Hubbards reflect on the accident that left Alianna, when a child, in a state of near constant agony. Through supreme concentration Alianna learned to master her pain, harnessing an inner strength rarely seen in human beings. Ida sees Alianna becoming the next Wonder Woman. Granny Goodness, however, offers the Hubbards a different path for their daughter.

Mister Miracle, Big Barda, and Oberon rendezvous with their realtor, Evelyn Spitz, in Los Angeles, and are shown to their new home. Awaiting them at their new residence is Ted Brown. While Oberon and Big Barda settle in, Mister Miracle sits down with Brown, to explain the details prompting him to take on the mantle of Messiah. Suddenly, a gas bomb is lobbed in through the window. Oberon and Big Barda immediately succumb to the gas. Mister Miracle dons his mask, which serves to filter out the noxious fumes filling the room. Through the haze leaps Alianna. Tackling Mister Miracle, Alianna grapples Mister Miracle to the floor. Mister Miracle escapes from Alianna's hold, using all his escape artist skills to distract her until her can regain the offensive. His most powerful blow, however, doesn't faze Alianna in the slightest. A double fisted haymaker from her, though, puts Mister Miracle on the floor. Granny Goodness appears. Disappointed that Mister Miracle is only stunned, she commands Alianna to finish him. Alianna refuses. Granny Goodness begins strangling Alianna, to punish her for her defiance. Mister Miracle recovers and elbows Granny Goodness, breaking her grip on Alianna. Granny Goodness declares that Alianna's parents will be slain, for her having failed to kill Mister Miracle. As she is spirited away to Apokolips, Granny Goodness vows to find the evil antithesis to Mister MIracle, one that will finally destroy the World's Greatest Escape Artist. 

Note: The series was canceled following this issue as a result of the so-called DC Implosion.  

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