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Mister Miracle returns to Apokolips, just in time to rescue Oberon, who has been apprehended by one of Darkseid's Photon Patrols. Mister Miracle defeats the Photon Patrol, by forcing the death screams of ants into their collective consciousness. The threat ended, Mister Miracle teleports himself, and Oberon, to New Genesis. Mister Miracle has come to collect his wife, Big Barda, and return with her to Earth. Questioned by Izaya, regarding his time spent in the realm of Ethos, MIster Miracle refuses to answer the High-Father, outraging Himon. Izaya raises his Wonder-Wand, in a show of power and authority, only to find Mister MIracle as connected to the Source as he. Mister Miracle relinquishes his citizenship in New Genesis, and renounces his allegiance to Izaya. From this moment on, Mister Miracle's destiny is his own. Freedom is the only cause he will serve. Mister Miracle, Big Barda and Oberon return to their home, on Earth, in Metropolis. Having been separated for so long, Big Barda is anxious to share some personal time with her husband, but Mister Miracle's mind is racing with all the new experiences and knowledge that has been imparted upon him. Only after he is physically struck, by Big Barda, is Mister Miracle able to set aside the ideas dominating his thoughts, and shift his focus to his wife. The next morning, however, Big Barda wakes up alone.

Mister Miracle has gone into Metropolis, on personal business, culminating in renewing his association with his former promoter, Ted Brown. Mister Miracle has a new stunt he's anxious to perform. Meanwhile, in the Mojave Desert, Rex and Ida Hubbard watch, from afar, as their daughter, Alianna slays a rattlesnake. Returning home, that night, Mister Miracle informs Big Barda and Oberon that the house has been sold, and that they're moving to California.. Having lived there for three decades, Oberon is furious that he wasn't consulted on Mister Miracle's decision. En route to California, the trio stop off in Las Vegas, Nevada, where they meet up with Brown. The next afternoon, the Media gather to bear witness to Mister Miracle's latest death-defying stunt. The World's Greatest Escape Artist is bound in chains, with the locks welded shut. Then Mister Miracle is placed inside a stainless steel coffin, which is also welded shut. Big Barda lifts the coffin, and carries it over to a waiting helicopter. The helicopter carries the coffin out over the Hoover Dam. The coffin is released, plummeting 800 feet, into the Colorado River. A seemingly interminable amount of time passes with no signs of life. When one onlooker makes a joke regarding Mister Miracle's fate, Big Barda seizes him, violently threatening the man. At that moment, the crowd goes wild , as Mister Miracle rises, Messiah-like, into the sky above them. The World's Greatest Escape Artist has returned.

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