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Mr. Miracle, Big Barda, and Oberon battle their old foe Doctor Bedlam!

Doctor Bedlam traps Mister Miracle using special bonds that exert psychic pressure on the mind whenever the victim exerts physical pressure on the bonds. Bedlam reveals that he is merely the instrument of Granny's desires and, in a somewhat cliche villain manner, has poisoned the water supply of Bailey, New Hampshire.

With Ed and Kathleen transformed into monsters, Barda casts away any notion of being a polite dinner guest and trashes Bedlam's primary animate and a good portion of the Ferbel's house as well. She steps outside to find that both Oberon and the rest of the neighborhood have been reduced to frantic, gibbering beasts.

Scott escapes from Bedlam's bonds by focusing on his love for his wife. The powerful positive psychic pressure reverses the effect of the bonds, shattering them. Riding his aero disks, he finds Barda doing her best not to kill the town's transformed citizens. As the two look on the populace, wondering how they will reverse the damage, Highfather arrives and provides a handy cure for everyone.







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