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 Scott's "Miracle Misters" spark a revolution of cleanliness on Apokolypse.  Scandalous messages are scrawled about in super-clean graffiti.  The lowlies are out of control.  Scott breaks loose of Granny's traps, and then proceeds to wax poetic with his former captor.  Manga Khan, Funky, and Oberon mount a rescue effort and manage to hose the Furies with the cleaning agent.  The femme fatales, under the belief that the chemical is what turned Barda good, desperately seek more.  The lowlies confront Darkseid, confident that the cleaner can turn him as well.  The dark one is unaffected and unleashes a stream of corruption that returns everyone to their former state.  Darkseid lets Miracle departs, rather than let him continue to upset his subjects.

Barda continues to mourn from jail.  Andy and Wally continue to sell their surplus cleaners.  Gashe and Darkseid, via viewscreen, continue to wring their hands at the prospect of unleashing a mutagenic agent on an unsuspecting population.

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