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 Next stop on the roving intergalactic sales trip of Manga Khan: none other than Apokolypse.  Naturally, the potent cleaning powers of the "Miracle Misters" prove quite popular with the filthy citizens of Darkseid's world.  Funky is more than happy to trade the cleaning boxes for whatever bits of technology the underlings can spare.  Darkseid gets word of Scott's arrival and dispatches the Female Furies, including a resurrected Lashina (who'd been previously killed in Suicide Squad #35), to capture his long-absent boon.  The Furies pull off their capture and hand Scott Free over to Granny Goodness.

On Earth, Maxwell Lord arranges for Barda's temporary release from prison so that the grieving warrior can attend her husband's funeral (or rather, the robot impersonating Scott).  Numerous heroes attend the funeral, though Barda notes the absence of the other New Gods.  At the Free home, Wally and Andy continue their private sales enterprise of the "Miracle Misters", making money hand over fist.  It is revealed that Mr. Gashe, who engineered Barda's imprisonment, is in league with Darkseid as well.

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