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Mister Miracle, Big Barda, Lashina, Mad Harriet, Stompa, and Bernadeth arrive on Earth, via Boom Tube. Immediately they find themselves under attack, from automated gun turrets, rising up from the ground. The initial barrage separates Mister Miracle from the Female Furies. Mister Miracle maneuvers under one of the turrets, just managing to disable it before it can fire on him. A trio of armed men, emerging from a trapdoor in the ground, try to capture Mister Miracle. After subduing his attackers, Mister Miracle leaps through the trapdoor, finding himself inside a small elevator. The elevator descends deep into the Earth. As the doors slide open, Mister Miracle finds himself face-to-face with "The Head". Mister Miracle has stumbled into the underground "Tinker's Shop" of the World Protective League. The Head takes Mister Miracle on a tour of the facility, showing him the organization's latest terror weapon, an Orbital Plague Bomb, currently being outfitted with a payload of deadly viruses. Mister Miracle quickly realizes that the protection the League offers the world is from them. At that, the Head psionically blasts Mister Miracle unconscious.

The Female Furies awaken in a holding cell. Using her Power-Spikes, Mad Harriet cuts a hole in the wall, which Stompa then kicks out, flattening the guard. Intent on escape, the Female Furies are held up by Mike McCracken, a prisoner in an adjacent cell. McCracken's sexist attitude enrages Big Barda, who tears the door off his cage, intent on beating him. Suddenly, the group of would-be escapees are swarmed by armed guards. A short, but brutal, battles ensues. Still unconscious, Mister Miracle is loaded into, then sealed, inside a cylinder, that is then flooded with poison gas. Upon opening the cylinder, however, a very much alive Mister Miracle springs out, quickly taking the Head hostage. Once again, the Head renders Mister Miracle unconscious with a psychic barrage. The Head instructs his minions to carry Mister Miracle to the Orbital Plague Bomb. En route, they are ambushed by Lashina. The Head locks onto Mister Miracle's body with powerful magnetic waves, dragging him hastily down the corridor. The Head guides Mister Miracle into the Orbital Plague Bomb, then launches it. To his horror, the Head finds himself drawn, magnetically, to the outer hull of the Orbital Plague Bomb. The Female Furies arrive too late to stop the bomb's launch.

Mister Miracle appears, greeting them from the mission control room. Mister Miracle had cut himself out of the rocket, leaving the hole to widen in the vacuum of space, when it reached orbit. The Orbital Plague Bomb explodes in space, destroying it's payload of viruses, as well as the Head. Mister Miracle and the Female Furies head for the research division of the "Tinker's Shop", to retrieve Big Barda's Mega Rod. An overzealous scientist attempts to flee with the Mega Rod, but Big Barda cuts off his escape route, then forcibly takes her weapon back from the man. McCraken sets explosives to destroy the "Tinker's Shop". Big Barda uses her Mega Rod to open a Boom Tube, allowing everyone to escape, before the research facility is destroyed. Meanwhile, Oberon, lonely and worried, waits for Mister Miracle to return home. Hearing the door bell ring, Oberon excitedly races to greet Mister Miracle, only to find Ted Brown waiting at the door. Moments later, MIster MIracle, along with the Female Furies and McCracken, do arrive. Oberon introduces Brown to everyone, then proposes a foray into show business.

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