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Mhwuuiiielmethhh (phonetic approximation Melmoth) was the king of the Sheeda until he was overthrown by his wife, Gloriana Tenebrae, who sent him back to medieval times where he assumed the identity of King Mordredd. He was responsible for the fall of Camelot. He ruled these lands for five hundred years and completely ruined them during his reign. After this he went to wander the world for ten thousand years, plotting his dreadful vengeance on Gloriana. In 1590, he came across the settlement of Puritans at Roanoke and impregnated their females. Feared by this horriffying act (they thought that Melmoth actually was a demon), they hid themselves deep in the underground and gave birth to their blue-skinned descendants who will later found the Limbo Town. Two centuries later, Melmoth heard about mysterious place called the Slaughter Swamp which, according to local legends, could bring dead back to life. Thinking that it's his only chance, he went there and found the Cauldron of Rebirth and Plenty. He replaced his blood by the waters of the Cauldron and became immortal. In 1816, he met Victor Frankenstein who was desperately trying to find the source to animate his famous creation, Frankenstein. Melmoth gave Victor few drops of his immortal blood in exchange for some scientific secrets. In 1870, he encountered Frankenstein, who for unknown reasons had a strong hatred for his true "creator" (though he didn't know it then), and unsuccessfully tried to kill him by stirring maggots against him. Enraged, Frankenstein shot Melmoth's head off as train went off the tracks, burying Frankestein under its debris. He wound up again in 21th century, still planning to avenge his pitiful deposition. Later Klarion met him after his way from Limbo Town to the surface. Melmoth (who now have a body with the stitches on the neck - signs of sewing head back to the body) immediately recognizes him as one of Roanoke settlers' descendants. He shows Klarion all delights of the inner world and accepts him in Deviants gang - group of children who work for him. In fact, Melmoth saw the key to Limbo Town in the boy. Shortly after their meeting he sends gang to steal World War II subterranean machine called the Sapper from the Manhattan Museum of Superhumanity. They easily succeed with boy's help. Unbeknownst to Klarion, Melmoth was planning to use this machine to reach Limbo Town. With the help of Teekl Klarion reveals his evil schemes and returns to Limbo Town, but Witch-People think of him as the heretic and prepare to set him on fire. Unexpectedly, Melmoth and his henchmen emerge, thus distracting citizens of Limbo Town from burning Klarion as Beulah frees him and sends to ring 50 bells, calling the Grundymen from the mines. The bell wakes Submissionary Judah, who seems to be near death. He asks Klarion to be the Submissionary and tells him to bring the Horigal to crush their enemies. With his help Klarion merges with Teekl and turns into the Horigal. He kills most of the henchmen and throws Melmoth to the pyre, tearing his left arm off. To his surprise, Melmoth doesn't die and flees off while Klarion and Teekl (still in the form of the Horigal) are writhing in pain. Hext time we see him on the Mars, now covered in bandages and without the arm. He's forcing Team Red (which was mentioned earlier) to seek gold of Martian emperors for his own benefit. Suddenly, Frankenstein rushes in caves. It's time for the second encounter. He throws the pick axe in Melmoth's back, but it doesn't affect him. In fact, he isn't scared of the Monster. Instead he uses the wand of Witch-Man to stop him and discloses the secret of Frankenstein's origin. In this moment, the Red Zombies (guardians of the tombs) begin to awake. Melmoth's speach is interrupted by Billy Beezer who knocks the wand off his hands. Frankenstein distracts the monsters allowing Melmoth and Team Red escape while the gates are closing. On the outside Melmoth understands that his end is near and tries to convince Frankenstein to not kill him, speaking about their connection. However, it doesn't impress him and he throws "father" in the middle of the herd of the flesh-eating horses who tear him to pieces in a few moments. Of course, it won't kill him, but, as Frankenstein says, "For when you emerge from the guts of these monsters... You will still be conscious! You will still be alive... In the form of dung!".

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