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Born Erik - last name unknown currently - he was beaten constantly as a young child by his abusive father. He spent most of his childhood taking the beatings for his sister, Katarina, and trying to save her from him.

Sadly he failed at saving her at all and later would find out how much he failed. One day he went into his father's room and found photos of his mother and sister hidden under the bed. His father became horribly angry at him for knowing his dark secret. So he took his son and with a spoon from the kitchen carved out his eyes.

His father's extremist view was that all things human were inherently evil due to the first sins of man. So he believed he was doing a deeply righteous job by his son. Saving him from the evil temptations he himself had fallen pray to. The grief of his blindness and the loss of his fantasy father he forced himself to believe in a new fantasy.

He strongly tries to believe that his father caught him looking at an adult magazine in his room and carved his eyes out for that reason. They say that in the eyes of a child, parents are god. He couldn't stand the thought that his father could hate him so much... so he diluted himself with that fantasy.


Mister E first appeared in a feature in Secrets of Haunted House issue #31, created by writer Bob Rozakis and artist Jack C. Harris.

Character Evolution

Mister E's original 10 appearances in Secrets of Haunted House were standard vampire hunter stories, and his blindness was unexplained.

When Neil Gaiman revived the character in The Books of Magic in the early 90's, he took on a much darker and more complex character. Subsequent appearances fleshed out his back story, attributing his nature to a traumatic upbringing and abusive father, He was also explained to have dissociative personality disorder.

Major Story Arcs

The Books of Magic

Erik moved to Boston and become a historian by day and a vigilante by night. Gaining fame by destroying any thing he perceives as evil. Having something of a talent for the supernatural he went up against many magical beings. This is how he found the Trenchcoat Brigade; Doctor Occult, John Constantine and the Phantom Stranger. They banded together to teach the potentially world's most powerful mage how to use his powers, Tim Hunter. Mr. E's part was to take Tim into the future and show him what would happen if he chose the path of darkness and evil.

It was at this point he decided that Tim was a great evil that must be stopped... but to stop him he had to destroy him at his weakest point in time... Ergo he struck out at Tim and attempted to kill him. However Death and Destiny prevented him from doing so and took young Tim back to the present.

Mister E

He wasn't done with Tim yet so he attempted to go back in time and kill Tim yet again. However he was stopped this time by the Temptress and the Shadower. Representing different aspects of his true childhood he was forced to see what had happened to him and what he was doing to Tim and how by continuing the cycle of abuse his father began he would only create the evil version of Tim. So he vowed to leave Tim alone and let him follow his path as he would.

He went on to the end of the universe, the end of time and met Pyotr Konstantin who was also there. Pyotr tagged along with Mr. E on his way back to the present and helped Mr. E move to New York and start his "normal" life.

The Trenchcoat Brigade

Mr. E went so far as to try to date and making mortal human friends and kept this up till his visions of a darkness looming on in the future began to plague him. He envisioned the cancer god M'nagalah consuming the world. Somehow in his mind he perceived that Pyotr was the cause of it and set out to hunt him down and kill him by going through every Russian immigrant's home till he would find him.

His actions of threatening mortals with hammers and stakes made the news and the Trench Coat Brigade was assembled to have a chat with him about his deplorable actions. Mr. E took them to the future and showed them one outcome to his vision. There they saw Pyotr and E stabbed him but shockingly Pyotr didn't die. In fact he summoned the Whining Ones to attack the Brigade. They beat the Whining Ones and confronted Pyotr about what he'd done. He convinced them to take him with them back to the 1600's so they could stop his former self from releasing his cancer god.

The Trenchcoat Brigade

Once in the 1600's Pyotr conjured each of the Brigade's worst guilt ridden moments. As they went out to face them, he set out to stop his former self. The Brigade fought off their demons and found Pyotr who had failed to stop himself. Mr. E next took them to the time of the Chernobyl disaster. Where the Brigade found Pyotr and Elliana of the Leshy, whose people had been destroyed by mankind, attempting to summon the cancer god to them. But he needed a guilt ridden human body to host him. Mr. E took him into his body with guilt over what he'd done to Tim or tried to do and the guilt about his father to feed the cancer god. But he over came that guilt and defeated M'nagalah and also prevented his vision of a cancer consumed world.

The Books of Magic (Vertigo Series)

Later on when Tim needed the others of the Trench Coat Brigade he sent a magical message to the Brigade but since E was still a member he received it as well. He arrived and attempted to make amends with Tim for his wrong doing.

After that what became of his life is unknown as of right now but what is know is that according to what Death at the end of the original miniseries of The Books of Magic, she collected and/or will collect Mr. E in Samara.

New 52


Mister E is re-introduced into the New 52 continuity in pages of Constantine. Mister E, now a founding member of the Cold Flame, is one of the mystics tracking John Constantine. Constantine is working on getting the pieces of Croydon's Compass, that were placed throughout the world. The compass was fueled through Angus Croydon's murder and cannibalism and can locate every magical awakening and can discover occult artifacts and then snuff out their power. Mister E is based in Myanmar and has Constantine kidnapped soon after he lands. Mister E, once a hero, went mad when a spell he cast liquefied his eyes in their sockets. The trade off was that he gained immeasurable power for losing his eyesight. Mister E can see evil in squiggly colored lines within people.

Powers and Abilities

Although Mister E is completely blind, he has the power to sense or "see" the good and evil in the souls of others. He also learned the ability to walk through time and space, an ability he learned from an older version of himself.

His equipment consists of a blind walking cane with which he is proficient in combat, as well as being proficient in sliver bullets, stakes and other monster hunting equipment.

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