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Mister Chuckles also known as Charlie Kain also known as Charlie Chuckles was a notorious street performer and clown who had spent much time and years attempting to identify how and why people would react with laughter. Despite unorthodox acts in his street performance he would fail to illicit such reactions and was generally deemed a failure. Lacking success Mister Chuckles would fall and instead resort to villainy and chaotic acts of violence and manipulation. Now a criminal or even super villain Chuckles misdeeds would become legendary and one such incident would involve the slaughter of a bus full of passengers. This would ultimately lead to Mister Chuckles to be opposed by a mysterious figure known as Sable, a crime fighting detective who was able to solve many of Chuckles crimes.

Chuckles is a master of misdirection and has a number of masks which cover his scarred hideous face. Somewhat strangely Mister Chuckles also has a fondness for animals, with the exception of monkeys who he believes are robotic organisms that live outside his windows.


Mister Chuckles is a Boom! Studios published character that first appears in the 2012 series Deathmatch, appearing in its debut issue Deathmatch #2. Mister Chuckles is designed and created by writer Paul Jenkins and artists Carlos Magno and Michael Garland, writers and artists of the series. Mister Chuckles is a pastiche and parallel to DC comics Joker character and many other characters that use black humor and comedy alongside committing horrid acts of violence and notoriety. This is most likely intentional given the nature and idea of Deathmatch.

Character Evolution

Mister Chuckles is a clown like character and the main foil of the Sable character, imitating the Batman and Joker dynamic that exists in the DC comics universe and many of Batman's stories. he character is presented as being both simultaneously methodical and crazy, and as serving as a balance with Sable, one that almost seems like a need, a yin and yang relationship.

Major Story Arcs


Mister Chuckles finds himself locked and imprisoned within an unknown and mysterious super structure along with 32 other individuals, a combination of superheroes and super villains, some allies and one of his biggest nemesis, the mysterious crime fighter Sable. All the individuals are clueless and confused to their newfound circumstance, with power and memory tampering an issue and powerful light based guards restricting hostile interaction save for the death matches. The forced one on one lethal death matches that all the participated are being forced to take a part in. The first death match is between Dragonfly and Apex. with more death matches quick to follow, Dog 54-Alpha and George Truman, with Truman the victor, Omni-Engine killing Supercollider, Sol Invictus killing Replic 8. Mister Chuckle's nemesis Sable approaches the clown during the frequent breaks between the death matches. She would insist he convince her this wasn't all his doing or game. She would threaten him with dismemberment if he was the cause of this senseless violence, with Chuckles insisting that it was beyond his means. Sable would continue to threaten him with violence with Chuckles removing his mask to reveal a scarred visage and pointing out that he likes dogs, and that he saw Dog 54-Alpha put to death. Talk of a temporarily alliance was mentioned but dismissed, both Sable and Chuckles aware they would eventually put against each other, Chuckles making sure to tell Sable he knows he is going to enjoy killing her. Sable would report back to the rest of the heroes explaining that it wasn't Chuckles.

Powers and Abilities

Mister Chuckles possesses no superhuman abilities or powers, but in spite of that is one of the most feared and dangerous people on the planet, due to a combination of his extreme patience, greater than average intelligence and a gifted ability to manipulate. Although many believe that Mister Chuckles is clinically insane and recklessly deranged, the reality is Mister Chuckle's is a master planner who takes many precautions and measures to execute his crimes. Sometimes the clowns plans and machinations would take place over several years. Most recently Mister Chuckles has started to use technology and the prevalence of social media and social sharing to accommodate his plans, seeing it as another tool in his arsenal to inflict terrorism across the globe and commit further crimes. Chuckles can also use many different types of weapons and disguises to various effect.

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