You didn't have to lie, M'gann.

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Warning Spoilers Ahead.

I just finished watching Young Justice and M'gann finally had no choice to reveal her true identity. After the guys find out that her current form is just a copy of Marie Logan (Garfield's mom) who used to play Megan Wheelers in "Hello Megan" she revealed her true form but lied about. All she did was change her face and remove her hair but the guys ( Superboy, Kid Flash and Robin, only appeared in this episode) had no problem with it, Kid Flash still finds her hot. M'gann's true identity is known by Psimon but he's in a weird frozen state after a powerful psychic ray hits him during a psychic battle with M'gann in her true form. Her true identity is also known by Queen Bee and at the end of the episode she blackmails her: either co-operate with her or she tells her friends what she really looks like.

Do you think M'gann should of been fully honest about her true form? I do.

She is still one of my favourite teen superheroes and Teen Titan.

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She will reveal her true identity in upcoming episodes.

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@RyuHayabusa: Yeah and the second time around she will have no choice but to reveal her legit true form.

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I already posted this question but do you think her blood transfusion to gar will turn him into beast boy? that would be a great updated origin story (along with Marie being single mom)

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I looked up what a white martian is but im still not sure why she is afraid of showing that form? I mean aside from looking pretty scary, i dont get why she is so desperate

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The vast majority of White Martians are vicious, bipolar, murderous monsters. M'gann has these exact same feelings herself. But she chooses to fight them and be who she wants to be.

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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:


The vast majority of White Martians are vicious, bipolar, murderous monsters. M'gann has these exact same feelings herself. But she chooses to fight them and be who she wants to be.

you can definatly tell by the way she dealt with simon, dude was a drooling mess after she was done with him

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I don't like how they've drawn white martians on the show. I think they went a bit overboard. Plus she should have been a bit more alien than just bald in her 'true green martian' form. As for Beast Boy I think he's still going to have to get some weird disease or get bitten by that green monkey to turn into Beast Boy but having some shapeshifting blood in your system is a good start.

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@lightfright12: @PrinceIMC: It's confirmed that Garfield turns into Beast Boy because of his martian blood transfusion.

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@ArturoCalaKayVee: But he didn't turn green yet so maybe something else will trigger the change, the blood transfusion could be the catalyst. I mean a martian blood transfusion makes more sense than just being bitten by a green monkey but I think they could still do both. Specially since saying Garfield turns green from a martian blood transfusion in the same episode that it is confirmed that the martian isn't actually a green martian is a bit sketchy. And why a martian blood transfusion would allow him to turn into animals not just martian shape-shifting. I just hope there's more to it.
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@PrinceIMC: Very valid points and I completely agree with you too. The way I think it's going to go down is that they're going to explain is that the reason behind his shape shifting is because she was shifting her genetics during the transfer (and he just so happened to only be able to transform into animals) and the reason he's green was because M'gann was green at the time (it showed red blood cells flowing through green blood)

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@PrinceIMC: I totally agree with you, the way they drew White Martians in the comics was way better.

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Just saw the ep. Pretty good all around. I do prefer the comic book look of the white martians to this, but hey, it works. One part that really bothered me was the fact that Robin apparently doesn't know the difference between "begs the question" and "raises the question," which is a shame.

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@super2j: Watch the episode again and look at the reactions of the mental Conner and her teammates during her mental battle with Psyimon. that wasn't him, that was her fear of how they would react. She is a teenage girl (and a pretty, popular one at that) and doesn't want to lose that image. Also, she is trying her hardest to run as far away as possible from her white Martian heritage. Her greatest fear is being seen as a monster, especially by the one she loves the most. I think that this shows that she is some what shallow with a lack of faith in her friends and especially Conner. I think they would be surprised at first but what would really disappoint them is what she was willing to do to keep her secret.

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I like how they portrayed her White Martian form. It gives reason for why M'gann hides her true form.

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If I was actually that fugly and had the ability to change my form...well the rest is common sense.

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