Why so much hate for her in the T.V. series?

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Hitler: How can the shapeshifter not be naked? "My Martian clothes shapeshift along with me"? We weren't fans of Mystique for her singing voice!

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I think there should be a lesson of not abusing a catchphrase. Yes she abused hers like the first season Naruto dubbed. I feel that is should be said for that specific situation. It is one of the flaws of the show.

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She's honestly my favorite character on the show next to Zatanna, but I do want to choke her (maybe in a sexy way) every time her catchphrase comes around.

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I dislike Ms. Martian because she is a villain pretending to be a hero. She's lobotomizing people left in right without any remorse. And now she's finally lobotomized someone truly innocent. I find her actions despicable.

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I think people seriously over react with the Hello Meagan thing it's not that big of a deal to be honest.

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I thought Miss M was pretty cool during the first season but now, she's just become a villain in Hero's clothing. She pretty much crossed the line when she mind raped Aqualad.

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In the recent episodes, I actually like her a lot. Especially her and Nightwing's moment.

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In all blatantness, I dislike her a lot. Her catchphrase "Hello, Megan!" is irritating, she acts very wannabe-ly, she talks way too much, fawns over Superboy way too much (Conner/Cassie was comic canon and I liked the pairing a lot), and even though she might be one of the most powerful heroes, she is just so annoying it's hard to believe so. She also looks kind of odd to me, Martian-appearances-wise. Her look never really grew on me. I mean, look at Martian Manhunter/J'onn J'onzz. He looks more of like an actual Martian - Miss M just looks like a normal human who painted her skin green. When I first laid eyes on her, I felt that she could've made a bit more effort to look a bit more Martian. This has nothing to do with her being a White Martian, just that her shapeshifting to her "original" self is... not that great.

In the second season, her attitude is more mature. However, that's the only part I liked - the maturity in her character. Now, her lobotomizing pretty much everyone in her way was a habit she had adopted that proved to be way more annoying than everything I disliked about her in Season 1. To a couple of people, she is a villain in a hero's costume, and I don't disagree. I mean, she lobotomized people left and right, for pete's sake. She did it without remorse, nonetheless. I found that unforgivable, and would prefer it if she and Conner left their relationship there. After some resolving, that is. It would be best if they both talked a bit and become tentative friends on mutual terms, quietly moving on afterwards.

I truly believe that with more character development, Miss M would turn out to be a not pushover-y, not wannabe-y, smart, great hero that would most probably be better off without a permanent relationship. I see her as a character who is more likely to have relationships that are bound to not work out - not one night stands that turn out to be complicated or anything, real relationships that have love and affection in it, but ultimately not working out because of the problems and complications that the future would have in store for her.

(For Conner's case, which isn't exactly relevant to the thread topic, I feel that he would be kind of on-off-ish with Cassie, with lots of romantic and sexual tension, as well as quite a handful of flirting. I feel that, for them, their relationship will remain un-concluded for a very long while before they ultimately decide to stop going around in circles and stop the romance or ultimately decide to stop going around in circles and just be with each other already. Former feels more likely, but there's a big possibility the latter will happen too. Just imo.)

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So Hitler was a fan of DC? Despite all of what the DC heroes have done to him and the Nazis?

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So Hitler was a fan of DC? Despite all of what the DC heroes have done to him and the Nazis?

I guess even spiteful monsters can enjoy good things like the DCAU and naked shapeshifters...

And I can't believe I forgot about this thread! rolling on the floor

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She was alright in S1. Charming and friendly, and trying to adapt.

Come S2 her relationship with Lagoon Boy and her tendency to brain-damage opponents made her entirely unlikeable.

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