Weakness to fire.

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Hi, /v/iners I was debating in a battle over at animevice Involving MM. But I am rather unfamiliar with the character. I read on her wiki that she has a weakness to fire, but does it effect her in the same way as john? (do only fires of magical/psychic nature effect her or is it all fire, and how much does it effect her?)

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I think it's all fire. I'm pretty sure all martians have the same weakness to fire. Otherwise, they'd be nearly invincible.

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@Jotham:    Does that include heat beam attacks like Kryptonian heat vision or Starfire's starbolts?  Or artillery fire/bombs?  Could a martian withstand such attacks or would they have to go intangible to escape being set ablaze/blown apart?
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@Sinestro2828: I think it's only actual flames, and apparently there's some psychological aspect to it. Martian Manhunter's page makes it clearer (under weaknesses).
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@Jotham:   Cool, thanks man, i just read his weaknesses and that does clear things up a bit, but could you tell me...
1)  If overcoming one's fear of fire is what causes a martian to become Fernus, does that mean a martian who joined the Sinestro Corps and faced his fear of flame while in a fear lodge would become Fernus too?
2)  Are Martian Manhunter's "Martian Vision" identical to superman's heat vision or are they like psychic force blasts rather than actual heat rays/lasers?
sorry for all the questions, martian powers are hard to keep track of at times, especially the ones they don't use often.
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@Sinestro2828: You're reaching the limits of my knowledge of martians. For the Fernus thing, I guess so, but he's the last Green Martian and I don't know if White Martians would have the same reaction. His Martian Vision isn't technically identical to Superman's, supposedly it is based on his telekinetic powers, but I think it is always portrayed as functionally identical to Superman's.

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