Miss Martian relationship with Tim and Cassie.

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In the the Titans of Tomorrow... Today! storyline we saw that eight years in the future that Robin ( Tim Drake ) is in a relationship with Wonder Girl ( Cassie Sandsmark ) but Tim is having an affair with M'gann M'orzz  ( Miss Martian ) so doe's that mean that Tim and Stephanie will breakup and that Tim will begin his relationship with Wonder Girl and Miss Martian? 

What do you think about her love triangle and this possible future?

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Isn't Stephanie dead?

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Kurrent said:
"Isn't Stephanie dead?
             No she fake it.
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i have no idea

#5 Posted by Nighthunter (29560 posts) - - Show Bio

Tim and Stephanie ain't back

also DC doesn't have to respect that possible future, especially since it was such a stupid storyline

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maybe. miss martian is like the new starfire  
maybe robin and she will get together
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The entire Titans Tomorrow storyline is up in the air. 
Tim, like Dick, has been pulled closer into the Batman series and away from the team books.  We're not going to be seeing much of him with the Titans for a while.

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Well, now that superboy is back, he & WG can get back together, & Tim can get with Miss Martian. Plus, with MM, if he can talk her into shape shifting, then in a way he can get with WG, and Superboy even.

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