Martian Vision and how it works

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I've always wondered about Martian Vision...Isn't it a little strange for a race susceptible to heat to be able to shoot laser beams out of their eyes? I mean, I guess it would allow them to kill each other in a fight, but it just seems like something their bodies shouldn't be able to handle since they're vulnerable to heat and flame. Now, if Martian Vision is psionic in nature, like Telekinetic force blasts meant to stun or tear an enemy to pieces, that would make more sense than heat vision to me.

Can anyone explain to me how Martian Vision really works and if its heat based or psychic based? And if it is heat based, why doesn't it do harm to the martian firing the blasts?

P.S. can martians survive in outer space and inhospitable atmospheres like kryptonians?

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@Sinestro2828: Kryptonians can't survive in space only hold their breath. Martains I believe they can through a combination of shape shifting and psychic abilities like TK  and martian manhunter said something about martian vision b4 I'll look for the scan.
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martians aren't physically weakened by fire, it was a psychic block placed in all martians, i can't remember the issue where it was mentioned but MM has over come his weakness to it, he still isn't to keen on it but he dosen't breakdown hwen ever it's around, also Batman mentioned that Kryptonians don't need to breath at all, Supes just does it out of habit due to the fact that he was raised on earth

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I thought Martian Vision was the ability to see through other Martians' shapeshifting for who they really are. That's what they did in JLDoom.

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@Wboy: I remember Miss Martian hitting Supergirl with Martian Vision once, it looked like psychic force.

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Martian vision is psionic in nature, not heat based.

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Martian vision is not heat, it's energy

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