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Miss King was employed at a welfare center, located in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan. An area which was known as a working-class and immigrant neighborhood .  
Warren Worthington and Jean Grey jointly applied for a welfare loan. Claiming that it was needed to help their teacher. Professor X was at the time help prisoner by Factor Three in Europe. The X-Men didn't have enough to travel there. 
Miss King was sympathetic. But wanted to first clear up a few thinks. Starting with the residency requirement for the loan. Then contact the parents of the two students. Warren foolishly replied that his parents were out on a Sea Cruise. Giving Miss King the impression that there was no real need for money here. She suggested wiring the Worthingtons for the money needed. 
Miss King stared from the window as the "poor" students drove away in a Rolls-Royce. She dismissed the entire tale as a "college initiation stunt". 

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