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more developments to miss fury

The most important thing I got from this is that miss fury is becomeing more able to tap into time jumps. Not yet able to actually jump but to see time in different periods as one. Its such a cool concept I have never seen used before in comics.

The writing is engaging to the extant that it keeps your attension. I will say that she/miss fury, has been going at a fast pace since issue one. It would be nice to have her slow down and get into her marla drake persona and catcb the reader up on what has been going on. The plot can get alittle muddled especially since time travel is involved. Miss fury is confused in this, howmuch so us, who are reading this. The art is great. The faces distinct, bodies well drawn and penciling with expert abilities.

The character always keeps me coming back. I think that her athletic abilities are the most impressive in comics issues in and out. This new time controling angle is indead a new interest that will greatly change what miss fury comics are! I'm exited for the next comic and always look forward to this read.


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