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The woman known as Fear or usually Miss Fear was the daughter of the Chinese leader of a minor (and never named) Central Asian nation and a western woman both of whom were slain by foreign powers wishing to take over that country.

When the Blackhawks came to investigate this they found themselves always one step behind her in her mission of vengeance against the murderers.

Blackhawk and his crew would encounter Miss Fear a number of times, partly due to their interests crossing, and partly due to Miss Fear having romantic designs on their leader Blackhawk.

Almost a member of the Blackhawks herself at times this never came to be because of Blackhawk's persistent standoff attitude when she was around.

Miss Fear was herself fearless as well as being an expert with sword, whip, gun (her weapon of chose being the Tommy gun), and a number of martial arts techniques; she was also an accomplished pilot.


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