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Paula aka Miss Doublefinger
 She was the owner of the Spider´s Cafe in Alabasta as Paula. She was summoned to Alabasta by Crocodile for the final phase of Baroque Work's plan, where she put up an initial cover of being a cafe owner by the name of Paula. She dropped this facade upon the arrival of the rest of the agents, and participated in Operation Utopia directly. She was defeated by Nami during the Battle of Alubarna. When she and the others members of Baroque works were arrested they broke out Miss valentine, Mr.5, Miss merry crishtmas, Mr.4, and Miss golden week, and helped them escaped. They then opened up a new Spider´s Cafe together.

Miss Doublefinger codename refers to January 1st.


Miss Doublefingers Toge Toge Ability
 Miss Doublefinge ate Toge Toge no Mi fruit which is in the Paramecia Devil Fruit category. She can creat or turn any part of her body in too a spike. Another ability she has is stabbing spikes into her arms and increaseing her muscle mass. She can also roll up in to a spike ball.
Spike Ball Form

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