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While Tenth and Hyena are discussing there plot to get to Lusiphur. Hyena notices that his cat also does not enjoy the wine he is serving her. Soon needing the help of someone Tenth casts a spell at the cat transforming her into Mishah. Tenth informs Hyena she is an old appretice of his who is beautiful, intelligent but rash and undisciplined. He turned her into a cat about ten years earlier until he could find a way for her to make up her past deeds.  
Tenth sends Mishah to "rescue" Luse and Jace but to also seduce Luse for reasons unknown. Mishah appears on a roof top overlooking Jace and Luse surrounded by overwheming number. Mishah pops them up to the roof top just in time to save them. Jace all but throws himself at her even introducing himself as "Boobs" while staring into hers. Luse punches Jace to shut him up and confronts Mishah about her real reason for saving them. Mishah tries to convince him she had no reason but Luse knowing magicians knew better. While tossing herself him didn't work she decided to try a love spell which did not work and accidently changed him into a woman. 
Luse orders her to change him back and she said it would wear off over time. This was not good enough for Luse who once again ordered her to change him back and then decided her time was up and he shot here in the chest killing her. Tenth watching through his magic simple said "Harsh" watching her demise. 

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