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Melissa Carsdale was an actress on a hit tv series. Following the rise to fame of her costar, Melissa fell off of Hollywood's top actress list, and Melissa suffored a breakdown. See return a few years later as the evil Misery. A woman who uses chemicals and illusions to destory others. She went after her former costar, before being stopped by Spider-girl. Now hating Spider-girl more then her former costar. Carsdale intends to utterly destory Spider-girl's life. Melissa was eventually let out of Ravencroft where her former agent had landed her a book deal about her days of revenge and return. She decided that she needed a better ending then her instatutionalized by Spider-girl. So she used her hallicigens to capture Spider-girl and lock her in a new dream machine where Spider-girl's worse fears came true. However, thanks to May's subconscious she escaped the machine and defeated Misery and returned to her to priso     


Misery uses machines and gases that induce illusions.  The illusions can range to and from just about anything but they typically focus on ones that cause grief or misery to her victims.

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