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Misaka Mikoto is the third ranked level 5 esper in Academy City. She is an electromaster, which means she can manipulate and generate electricity. She is known by the nickname Railgun, due to her signature move of shooting a metallic (usually coins) object three times faster than the speed of sound.


Misaka Mikoto first appeared in the novel Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 01.


Misaka has a petite figure normal for her age by general standards, but most people around her are fuller in the chest section making her feel inferior in a sense. She has a short chestnut brown hair and is often seen wearing a small hair clip. Her eyes are also chestnut colored matching he hair.

Misaka has worn several clothes in he numerous appearance, but she is mostly remembered when wearing her Tokiwadai Middle School school uniform, with a light brown sweater over a white blouse and a grey skirt.

What makes her unique is that she always wear boxers instead of panties for underwear to the dismay of Shirai Kuroko.


Misaka and Kuroko

Misaka Mikoto is perceived in a variety of ways dependent on who is looking at her. To ordinary bystanders, she is a rich ojou-sama type, proper and graceful being a student of Tokiwadai, a prestigious all-girls school. To those who knows her like Shirai Kuroko, Saten Ruiko, and Uiharu Kazari, she is in reality very short-tempered, have tomboyish tendencies and most of all prideful. Even with those traits, she is well loves because she do not undervalue others like the rest of the Level 5 Espers. This maybe because she attained her status as Level 5 by working hard starting from Level 1.

Misaka is also often shown as incredibly childish, selfish, competitive side and even tsundere tendencies when teased by those close to her especially her love interest/riva Touma Kamijou. Her child like behavior can be seen whenever a Gekota and Kill Bear merchandise is involve.

Esper Abilities


Misaka Mikoto's signature move. Mikoto can fire metal objects at three times the speed of sound by forming parallel currents on both sides of her arm with her esper ability. Each shot can reach the speed of 1030 m/s (2307.2 mph). She can fire 8 shots per minute. Misaka mentioned herself that she can fire more 8 a minute, but it is yet to be seen. Misaka's firing range is 50 meters (+-) when using Arcade Tokens.

Lightning Attack

Mikoto can launch a lightning attack regardless of the prevailing weather condition.

When she fought Touma because of a misunderstanding, she uses a Lightning Attack that cause a massive power failure in Academy City.

She can also launch a Lightning Strike generated by her body without using the atmosphere.

Powerful Electromagnetic Pulse

Mikoto can release a powerful electromagnetic pulse attack (EMP) that can disable machines

Also, her EMP attack can be used to destroy a living opponent's internal organs.


Preventing a helicopter from going up using electromagnetism.

Mikoto can use electromagnetism in launching offensive attacks as well as defensive actions. She can attract metallic objects and use it as projectiles or using the same as a shield to defend against attacks.

She can also use electromagnetism to walk on walls and ceilings by attracting the iron particles on the surface.

Iron Particle Whip/Sword

With her strong magnetic powers, she can attract iron particles and sand in her surrounding and fashion them like a sword. Mikoto can also make them vibrate to further the swords cutting power.

If the opponent is out of reach, she can lengthen the make shift sword and make it act as a whip.


Mikoto can use her powers to gain access to computers and easily bypass security protocols by using her electric powers.

She can extract information from any device and can even erase herself from a live video feed.

Electro Magnetic Sensory Perception

Misaka's powers allows her to sense electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic phenomena. Similar to animals who can use this type of sensitivity, like birds using the Earth's magnetic field like a compass, she can tract anything that emits or generates electromagnetic waves/signal.

Also, Mikoto can release electromagnetic waves around and generate a 3D image of the location she is in if ever her vision is impaired.


All Espers before using their power needs to calculate everything for them to use their power effectively. Using the formula similar to her Iron Sand sword, if surrounded by a large amount of atomized water vapor, she can manipulate the water vapor forming it into wings using the static electricity from interactions between particles to fly.

Telepathy Defense

Misaka's power automatically defending against a telepathy attack from Shokuhou Misaki

Since telepathy is controlling the electric synapses in one's brain. Misaka can defend herself from this attacks by electromagnetic barrier created by her AIM Dispersion Field.

Her barrier is said to be always on and acts automatically.

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