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Misa really only wants to have fun. Daughter of the Hairies leaders Jude and Lucy Diamond Sky, the headstrong Misa rejected her people’s devotion to peace and exploration of the Wild Area inside their Mountain of Judgment for a more adventurous lifestyle. But Misa’s rebellion involved conflict with Superman, whom the brilliant young harridan once captured to aid her escape from The Wild Area and her then husband Bron. Misa later journeyed to Metropolis to make further mischief for the Man of Steel.

She went on to join the Superman Revenge Squad alongside Maxima, Riot, Anomaly and Barrage.

She would later travel with Jimmy Olsen to protect him from Intergang, after he believed he learned Superman's secret identity.

Powers and Abilities

Misa, like all of her people, has access to and an innate understanding of an extremely advanced form of technology. It enables her to do a wide verity of things; to a certain extent, what she can do and what devises she can make is only limited by her imagination.

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