Recommended Reading for Evan McCulloch/Mirror Master

It can be difficult to keep track of all of Flashes Rogues as he has so many of them, some of which are different people under the same persona! If you're looking to get into the second Mirror Master, Evan McCulloch, these are the stories that I recommend.

The Flash: Wonderland

Wonderland is a collection of Flash Volume 2 Issues 164 - 169. It's an incredibly cool story that sees the team up of Mirror Master, Captain Cold, and Flash. All three of them get stuck in the Mirror World & have to escape, it's great to see Flash working with the Rogues, and it's incredibly cool to see how the Mirror World works.

The Flash Omnibus by Geoff Johns

If you're willing to shell out a decent sum of money for all 3 volumes of Geoff John's Flash Omnibus then you're going to see a lot of Mirror Master. The Wonderland arc is contained within volume 1, so if you're going to buy this don't bother getting Wonderland as it's included. This also shows how Mirror Master joins up with Blacksmith's Rogues and faces off against the Flash. It includes the Mirror Master origin story in issue 212 and also shows Mirror Master fighting during the infamous Rogue War!

Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge

Rogues' Revenge is an essential read for any member of the Flash Rogues, watch as they fight off some imposters who try to claim their gear & replace them as the Rogues. The Rogues also face off against Zoom & Inertia/Kid Zoom in a battle for their life!

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