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Little of Miri's background story is known prior to her joining the Star Sapphire Corps. While on an interstellar honeymoon with her new husband Kered Riam, their space ship was attacked by by Mongul who left them for dead. On the verge of death and with a great sorrow in her heart, she was chosen by a Star Sapphire Ring as a representative of the Star Sapphire Corps.


Miri's first appearance was in Green Lantern Corps #29 in 2008. She was created by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason. She was introduced to fill out the ranks of the Star Sapphire Corps during the Sins of the Star Sapphire story arc.

Character Evolution

Unlike other members of the Star Sapphire Corps, Miri joined after the Corps was redesigned so that its members controlled the violet spectrum and not vice versa. As such Miri has been portrayed only as a hero as opposed to other corps members such as Carol Ferris or Fatality, who have at times been villains. She has a strange connection to Soranik Natu and Kyle Rayner having served along them on numerous missions. Despite her heroic portrayal she is generally portrayed somewhat two-dimensionally.

Major Story Arcs

As a relatively recently introduced chararcter Miri has not participated in many story arcs, but those to which she has been part of have been significant in importance, as well her importance to them. Her first major appearance was in the story arc Sins of the Star Sapphire. She was involved in stopping Kryb from stealing the children of Green Lantern Corps members (specifically Amnee Pree and Matoo). She is later seen in during the Blackest Night. Kryb constantly hears the voices of the children she stole, alone and dying. Miri detects that although they aren't hers, Kryb does in fact feel deep love for the children. Unaware of the coming battle on Zamaron, Miri escorts Kryb to her children. After a long flight, Miri and Kryb find the cave empty of all children. Miri scans for heartbeats, detecting only hers and Kryb's.

Miri suddenly receives a message that a great love is dying on Oa, and she takes Kryb and teleports there. On Oa, Soranik Natu stands in a crater with a dead Kyle Rayner. Kyle detonated a fellow Lantern's power battery, destroying hundreds of Black Lantern's. Guy Gardner fights off a Black Lantern Ring from making Kyle one of them. Miri and Kryb arrive on Oa, and Miri rushes to Soranik and Kyle. Miri refuses to let their love die, and uses the love inside Soranik's heart to reach out to Kyle's, bringing him back. They then realize the situation has worsened around them. Kryb's children have died and were resurrected as Black Lanterns, and Guy Gardner has received Vice's Red Lantern ring after being enraged from Kyle's death. The Black Lanterns begin destroying the Central Battery, as Guy burns through the Black Lanterns. Kryb tries to stop Guy from burning her children, and Guy rips of two of Kryb's arms and spits Red Lantern plasma into her throat.

Powers and Abilities

As do all members of the Star Sapphire Corps, Miri wields a Star Sapphire Ring, which operates very similar to a Green Power Ring. She has the ability to create hard light constructs, fly, and survive in outer space among other abilities. Miri is also one of the Star Sapphire Corps members who is seen to be the most capable at her duties. Though relatively inexperienced she has survived some of the most dangerous missions that the Corps has undergone.

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