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Minoru was a doctor from Mushiyori City, who when Shinobu Sensui began opening a tunnel to Demon World gained psychic powers.Sensui quickly found him and using the Chapter Black video tape enlisted him into the Sensui Seven.He then takes control of the Mushiyori City hospital when Yusuke,Kido,Genkai, and Yanagisawa bring the injured psychic Mutori for treatment, he then quickly infects Yana and Mutori and begins with he rest of the hospital as Yusuke, Kido and Genkai search for him. Kido unfortunately finds him and is paralyzed by the psychic scalpel and tortured until a crowd of doctors,nurses and Yusuke is drawn forcing him into his act as a doctor..However Kido manipulates his shadow to spell out Kamiya's name, who kills all those near as he begins a battle with Yusuke. He manages to hold his own, by using his power to increase his adrenaline and negate his body's ability to fill pain as he attempts to force Yusuke to kill him as they only way to stop his bugs. Fearing for his life, he takes a nurse hostage with him unknowing it to be the psychic Yana in disguise who throws acid in his face, but is nearly killed by a powerful blow from Yusuke. Fortunately Genkai manages to revive him with her Spirit Wave, as she didn't want him to be slowed down by guilt, the Doctor is then taken into custody by the local police.

However the Doctor escapes prison, and meets with Sniper as the two talk about their futures.Following the meeting, the Doctor receives plastic surgery to alter his appearance and begins using his abilities to heal people.

Powers and Abilities

Doctor's main power is the ability to is to alter his body's chemistry, enabling him to trigger his adrenal gland for near super human strength and to negate his body's ability to feel any pain. He also possesses the ability to reattach severed body parts with just a touch of his fingers. His knowledge as a Doctor is an asset to him as he proved capable on knowing just where to hit someone to leave them paralyzed, and the ability to create complex diseases. And by focusing his energy he is able to create a psychic scalpel, which was his preferred weapon in combat.

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