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Mink idolized the crime fighter Sable when she was a little girl, and always wanted to be just like her, beating up bad guys and solving crimes. Mink, also known as Marti-Anne Marten was young when her parents died, and as one consequence she stopped going to Church and went towards a dark period spiraling further downward. As a teenager she would be fall victim to drugs and engage in dangerous sexual behavior/prostitution but eventually she gains the attention of her childhood idol superhero Sable. Sable would take Marti-Anne under her wing and train the teen to become a capable and competent heroine in her own right, with Marti-Anne taking adopting the superhero moniker of Mink. As Mink she would be sidekick and possible successor to Sable, but a falling out would eventually occur between the two woman, and Mink would adopt a antagonist like relationship with her former mentor. Mink would wish to break out on her own terms and take the career path of a solo superhero.

Mink has been a member of Second Force and Strikeforce Seventeen and Cube and Blowtorch count among her enemies. Mink also had a minor crush on hero Dragonfly and eventually bonded with the hero developing a friendship of sorts.


Mink is a Boom! Studios published character that first appears in the 2012 series Deathmatch, appearing in its debut issue Deathmatch #1. Mink is designed and created by writer Paul Jenkins and artists Carlos Magno and Michael Garland, writers and artists of the series. Mink bears many similarities to DC comics Nightwing character, this is most likely intentional given the nature and idea of Deathmatch.

Character Evolution

Mink plays a supporting role in Deathmatch, having ties with Sable and Dragonfly. The character is one of the characters presented as sympathetic and likable, and even flirts with the Dragonfly at times. The characters closeness with Sable also allows her to act as exposition for that character to allow her to retain some of her own mysteriousness.

Major Story Arcs


Mink is transported by mysterious unseen forces to an enclosed complex along with a various assortment of other heroes, villains and vigilantes. Including her former mentor Sable. Neither her or the other heroes or villains understand why they are there or who orchestrated the situation, and they seem powerless and kept in check by powerful guards made of light. The group is forced to watch a death match the first between Dragonfly and Apex in which Dragonfly is the victor and even has his secret identity exposed. Mink who use to have a crush on Dragonfly would flirt with him and eventually befriend him, fielding some of his questions about Sable whom he was curious about. Mink would give a less than positive evaluation of her former mentor, albeit in some senses accurate as far as Sable's coldness and ruthlessness. She would even advise about trying to figure out Sable's real identity. A new series of death match would begin between Supercollider and Omni-Engine, Amalgam and Shadow Runner and Manchurian and Perpetu-Hedron. Mink would also witness Meridian snap confusingly and murder Berserk, decapitating him with his laser vision.


Mink and Dragonfly would appear to get closer and more trusting of each other. Everyone was on edge as a part of being forced into the death matches, and many people were second guessing each other and skeptical of who was keeping secrets. Dragonfly would ask Mink why no one else was bothered by the fact that the hero Glyph was being contained in a large orb, Mink pointing out glibly that everyone is a bit preoccupied with the death matches. She would indulge Dragonfly's theories though and the two would observe Glyph for some sort of clue as to the reason behind the madness of the situation. Thinking that Glyph was trying to attempt communication Dragonfly would propose they get Manchurian to observe Glyph. Mink would suddenly kiss Dragonfly on the lips and compliment his intelligence before heading away. Mink's mentor Sable would participate in her first death match against Professor Hieronymus Higgens,

Powers and Abilities

Mink possesses incredible fitness, agility, stamina and fighting skill. Mink possesses the ability and skill of a supreme gymnast. She is somewhat stubborn but also has a fierce determination and is principled as far as responsibilities and duties and maintaining both. Mink possesses a resistance to cold. After being trained by Sable, Mink possesses above average fighting skills and ability.

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