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The product of a broken family, Ming ran away from home at the age of fourteen, unable to watch her father abuse her mother any longer. She became a killer at a young age, pretending to be a prostitute. This led her to becoming an assassin for hire and eventually gained her the attention of Yakuza boss Takeshi. He trained her to be his assassin even though she was Chinese.

Once fully trained, she returned home and murdered her father and also killed her mother to put her out of her misery. She also took in their young son Liang as her own. She continued to be an asset to Takeshi until she was ambushed on an assignment to take out an older Yakuza member. The battle with the ninjas resulted in both of her legs being cut off. She got prosthetics and was told she could still be useful by Takeshi.

She began to train her young brother to be an assassin and started taking young boys in from the street. She raised them as her own and formed her own group of assassins to carry out her work. She gained an enemy in Mulan Kato when her brother was accidentally killed in battle with her. This resulted in her assassins defeat and failure of their mission. For this, Ming was taken to Takeshi, where he beat her to the edge of death and had her thrown in the river. Ming survived and swore vengeance.

Powers & Abilities

Ming is a trained Yakuza assassin, extremely capable of hand-to-hand combat and weapons training. Even after the loss of her legs, she remains a physical threat to any that would oppose her.

Ming also possesses some form of telepathy and empathy, being able to read minds, sense feelings and plant images and suggestions into the minds of others.

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