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Mind-Wave battles Daredevil.
Mind-Wave's true identity is unknown and came to the attention of Daredevil when he attacked New York City's Wall Street district with his think tank and his henchmen. Mind-Wave's think tank would switch over to automatic mind control and prevent security from interfering as his henchmen he called esper-ts would start looting. Daredevil saved an officer and an innocent civilian from the think tank and Mind-Wave was able to escape during the distraction. District Attorney Tower introduced Daredevil to a man named Uri Geller who had superhuman abilities and has encountered Mind-Wave on a few occasions. Uri tells Daredevil that Mind-Wave is attacking downtown and Daredevil engages Mind-Wave in hand-to-hand combat. Mind-Wave is able to predict Daredevil's move with his special helmet and is able to subdue him with his think tank. Uri is able to free Daredevil with his powers and together they manage to take down Mind-Wave and his henchmen. Uri manipulates some window bars to detain Mind-Wave and Daredevil destroys the think tank. Mind-Wave is apprehended by the authorities and taken to jail.  


Mind-Wave is created by Marv Wolfman, Bob Brown and Jim Mooney in 1976 and first appeared in Daredevil # 133.

Mayor Story Arcs

Scourge and the Hood

The resurrected Mind-Wave.
Mind-Wave would eventually meet his demise at the hands of the Scourge of the Underworld at the Bar with No Name massacre. He is killed when he is shot by an explosive bullet along with seventeen fellow criminals. Currently the Hood has resurrected some of the victims killed by the Scourge of the Underworld including Mind-Wave. The Hood has augmented the abilities of some of these resurrected criminals which makes them that much more dangerous. The Hood told his new army that the Scourge was secretly the Punisher and he has ordered them to eliminate Frank Castle. The spell that brought them back to life only lasts thirty days and only the Hood can extend their lives. Words are exchanged between Mind-Wave and Letha during a heated argument after Lascivious uses her powers to humiliate Mirage. Letha uses her power to induce blind rage in Cyclone and orders him to punch Mind-Wave so he can protect her. After the women display their new abilities, the group concentrate on finding the Punisher. Castle would survive an attack by Mirage when he uses elaborate illusions of the Avengers to hunt the Punisher. Castle defeats Mirage who disguised himself as Captain America and then he comes after Mind-Wave. The Hood, Letha and Lascivious find Mind-Wave beaten and bloodied in an alleyway slumped next to a dumpster. Mind-Wave tells them that Castle has Mirage and warns them to run away. Suddenly a grenade with the skull emblem rolls from Mind-Wave's hand and explodes. The Hood, Letha and Lascivious escape but Mind-Wave is killed in the explosion. 

Powers & Abilities

Mind-Wave possesses some mental powers including telepathy. His powers are enhanced by a special helmet he wears. 


Mind-Wave wears a helmet that allows him to hear the thoughts of any individual in close proximity. He is able to predict the moves of his opponents and silently counter-act. He can control his think tank with his helmet which has various offensive weaponry. The think tank is made out of titanium steel, equipped with laser cannons and can also emit a ray that locks the mind of his victims and prevents them from moving.

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