razzatazz's Mind the Gap #7 - Wish You Were Here, Part 2: Clouded Eyes, Broken Hearts review

Jo in charge

Just about anytime that this series seems to be going one way, it shoots off on another tangent and takes on a new bizarre twist.  The developments here are much the same as Elle is still inhabiting Katie's body, and as Jo tries to help her despite the obvious problem that she has no real connection to the little girl, at least at surface value.  The development here to make it possible for Jo to communicate with Elle is a little bit cliched though it serves the purpose as the character of Katie seems to be one on importance here only in passing.  By this point though the main character Elle has taken a bit of a secondary role to Jo who is shown here acting pretty tough at times and compassionate at others.  As her driving force is her friendship for Elle this works well to the character development of both of them as there seems to be an underlying demonstration here of a very deep friendship which contradicts the superfluous nature of their lives.  As usual the twist at the end is not one that can be easily anticipated and will leave the reader guessing.  This is a pretty well executed issue the only drawback being at this point in the series that more twists and turns could leave the readers a bit disoriented.   
As usual the interior artwork is of a high quality and fits the tone and atmosphere of the series quite well.  Particularly in this issue Jo is given new life which is usually reserved for Elle.   


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