dark_noldor's Mind MGMT #7 - The Futurist, Chapter 1 review

Advertising kills

Meru (one of the main characters) is a girl living in a loop of tragedy: no money, no book (she's a writer without inspiration) and struck with a strange case of amnesia. We saw in the last arc story (issues 1 to 6) that Meru has a past connection with Agent Henry Lyme(a Mind Management agent who has telepathic abilities),what explains her problems of forgetting stuff. But now, after some suggestion hints and clues she left behind to herself, Meru is beginning to take a more active role, chasing a new story, after receiving a letter. Kindt continues to amaze me with his writing skills,not only for describing Meru so well, imprinting her with several characteristics that really convince us of her individuality as a character, but, above all, because he (Matt Kindt) knows so well the story he's telling, it's like he'd shown everything in the first six chapters,but that's far from the truth, since he created new kinds of agents (each agent has a different ability - the back cover page is a summary of the past six issues,a very good flashback) and fooled me by beginning the story showing Meru's condition,then,in a great move,completely shifting the direction of it in the most incredible way: Meru investigating what is Mind Management (following the threads that began with a memory derivated from suggestion).Also, Kindt(like I said)introduces a different agent,named Brinks, a tortured man,much like Lyme, who has trouble connecting with people and living normally(I won't spoil his ability, because it was very radical and cool when I learned of it), and from this meeting comes a great dialogue between the two of them, mostly of him telling his story and what's his dealings with her, just to, abruptaly, begins, in fact, the next arc story, so this issue ended in total opposition of it's start, proving Matt Kindt knows very well about this story and gives the reader tons of feelings. Wrapping up, there're two parallel stories going on, like footnotes, about killer letters and a certain Julianna Verve (A novel called Premeditated murder, and I don't know if it's Meru's novel or it's about a character in this story). The bad thing about this series is Kindt's art: it's fitting for the story, but if he had hired a different artist,this would be so much more impressive and awesome,but the level of the narrative is massive, if you're not getting this, start reading now, it's completely worth it!


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