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Mina's final act of love.

Mina made her first appearance in Sonic #76, when she was stopped by Sonic from running into Robotnik's headquarters to rescue a loved one. She came back to Knothole Village and began working for Rosie as a babysitter for other orphans. She later discovered that she had super-speed like Sonic, and also developed a desperate crush on him. She did everything she could to get the hedgehog's attention, even kissing him, but to no avail. When she saw Sonic and Sally confess their love for each other and kiss, her heart broke. She then took a bullet for Sally, as a sign of how much she loves Sonic. She recovered, both physically and emotionally, became a singer, and began dating her manager, Ash.


After the Iron Dominion She is now afraid of Nicole. She also wants the Freedom Fighters know the damages that have been done to the city and the Mobian citizens to take more active role.

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