Mimic's Other Appearances

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Here is a list of other Mimic Appearances not listed yet.

Mimic 616

Offical Marvel Index to the X-Men v4 02

Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe - X-Men 2005

All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z 07 (2006)

X-Men Encyclopedia

Xavier Institue Alumni Yearbook

Metamimic [Metamorpho / Mimic]

Amalgam Comics: Magneto and the Magnetic Men

Evolution Mimic

Appearance: X-Men Evolution v1 06

Mimic 5700

Appearance: Weapon X Future Days 04
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Other Realities

The Big M


Another Mimic is called The Big M, and was his worlds greatest criminal and leader of his worlds Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants. Finding the Exiles' Mimic on his world he struck out, believing that Mimic to be good and honest because of a charmed life and happy upbringing. Using his telepathy, The Big M read the Exiles' Mimic's mind and realized that the only difference between the lives they lead is that while one of them accepted Xavier's offer of training and help, the other rejected and sought a darker path. This realization that the Exiles Mimic was able to fight for good while not living the charmed life that The Big M was jealous of allowed The Big M to stop his self-pity, and he reformed the Brotherhood as his world's X-Men.

He possessed the powers of Magneto, Professor X and Cannonball. The other two are not known.

Earth-33629 Mimic

There is also a Mimic on Earth-33629, seemingly with the same powerset as Exiles Mimic had in Exiles 1. 

He is a member of an alternate team of Exiles.

Earth-5700 Mimic

On Earth-5700, which is an alternate future Earth twenty-four years into the future, Mimic is seen as a member of Creed and his Brotherhood, along with Sabertooth, Blob, Avalanche, Scalp Hunter, Caliban, and an unknow woman. 

Creed and his Brotherhood are seen when Magneto assembles super-powered teams, among them the Avengers and the X-Men, and asks them all to put aside their differences and band together in the face of a common threat: the Sentinels.

Mimic seems to have the powers of the original X-Men.

Meta Mimic


On Amalgam-Earth two comic universes came together when the incarnations of their respective universes (referred to as "the Brothers") became aware of each other after aeons of slumber. To prevent the Brothers from destroying each other, characters from each universe battled to determine which universe would survive. To prevent total destruction, the Spectre and the Living Tribunal created a merged universe, in which only Axel Asher and Dr. Strangefate knew the truth. Each struggled against the other to reverse or preserve the change.

Meta Mimic is the combination of two characters: Mimic (Marvel Comics) and Metamorpho(DC Comics). Meta Mimic's past is unknown to himself. Magneto and the Magnetic Men arrived on the island of Genosha to defeat his evil brother the Sinistron and free thousand of captured mutants. Five mutants were brainwiped and order to destroy Magneto and his Magnetic Men including Meta Mimic. Failing in his task, Magneto freed the captured mutants and saved the day.
Earth-6871 Mimic


What If ... Captain America Had Formed The Avengers?

Not much is know about this Earth's Mimic, other than resided at the Magnus Academy for Gifted Youngsters.

When this Earth's Captain America and his Avengers went to the Academy to recruit one of it's members.

They found that all of the members of the Academy were killed, including the Mimic.

Earth-956 Mimic

Little is know of this Mimic's origins. It is know that he was recruited by Professor X to join his X-Men team (Marvel Girl, Beast, Banshee, Angel,and Mimic) to oppose Mister Sinisters X-Men (Cyclops, Sabertooth, Havok, Malice (Madelyne Pryor), and Sauron). 

During one mission with the other X-Men were sent to retrieve Ororo Munroe to join their team. Defeating Sinisters X-Men, he chased after Cyclops only to find Mr Sinister dying from an attack by Magneto and his Brotherhood. Respecting Sinisters last wish Cyclops and Havok join the X-Men.

Mimic has the powers of Xavier's X-Men (Marvel Girl, Beast, Angel, Banshee, and Xavier).


X-Men Evolution Mimic & Nasya Ehrlich (Mother, Formerly Mrs. Rankin)
X-Men Evolution Mimic Power-Up!

Attending Bayville High School, along side the rest of the X-Men Evolution team. Cal makes friends with Evan Daniels, ditching class to try out a dangerous skateboarding tricks.  Cal gets distracted and falls off the side of a cliff, but is saved when he creates a bone spike from his arm.

Evan notices and informs Professor Xavier about a possible new mutant. 

Xavier speaks with Calvin's mother Nasya Ehrlich formerly Mrs. Rankin. 

Cal mimics Xavier's telepathic powers and tells him about his father scientific experimenting on him, leaving them to whereabouts unknown. 

Xavier invites Cal and his mother to visit the academy. Unfortunately they arrive at the wrong wing and Cal mimic's the X-Men's powers unable to control them. Attacking the X-Men, as each one is clear out of the room reducing the number of powers he can mimic. Xavier helps Cal regain control and uses Cerebro to examine Cal's powers.

Shocking Cal is not a mutant, but a human who can mimic mutant's powers. The X-Men debate whether to accept a human into their school, but Cal is insulted that they would reject him. Storm welcomes his departure as Spyke tries to get him back. Cal wants Evan to come with him and be like him, but Spyke isn't ashamed of them and is accepted by just being himself. 

Cal's mother switches him into another school district hopefully with less mutants. Calvin Rankin has mimiced the powers of Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Xavier, Wolverine, Spyke and the rest of the X-Men Evolution team.

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