If you can give Exiles Mimic 5 power sets what would they be?

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Heres a question if you can give Exiles Mimic 5 power sets what would they be?

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A wile back I asked if you could give Exiles Mimic 5 power sets what would that be. Well I forgot to note that the sets dont half to be from the marvel universe. Example.

Neji Hyuga - Byakugan and the ability to use Nin Jutsu, Gen Jutsu and Tai Jutsu
Ichigo Kurosaki - Spirit Presher and the ability to use Kido attacks as well as flash step
Ed Elric - Alchemy and without using circles
Dante - Healing, Stranth, Inderince and Dexterity
Hiro Nakamura - Time manipulation

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Superman Prime, Apocalypse, Phantom Stranger, Dr Strange, Sasuke Uchiha.

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Mike28 said:
"Superman Prime, Apocalypse, Phantom Stranger, Dr Strange, Sasuke Uchiha."

Those are some pretty good powers.
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ummm u asked that before

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Superman - Strangth, Dexterity, Stamina, Super Breath, well I could go on awile.

X-Man - Telekinese and Telepathy

Crystal - Powers to contral Air, Fire, Earth and Water.

Mr Immortal - Immortality

Madrox - Abilitie to make exact duplacates of himself eatch with the same powers as him. Army of One.

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Madrox- to have an army of superhumans

Mimic- copy others powers
Franklin Richards- Reality warping
Mr. Immortal- immortality
Fabian Cortez- to boost up his powers
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Ultimate Street Leveler Mimic

4.Luke Cage
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Zatanna - Magical Ability
Crystal - Control over the elements
Madrox - Able to create an army of himself
Ares - Super-strength; healing; weapons mastery; the abilities of a God
Vulcan - The most powerful Summers brother

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  • Madrox.
  • Elixir.
  • Wolverine.
  • Iceman.
  • Strong Guy.
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-Fabian Cortez

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5 of my favorite low or mid tier characters

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Fabian Cortez- to boost up his powers
Peter Petrelli-best power mimicry
superman prime
jean grey

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got to be:

  1. Wolverine
  2. Archangel (with metal wings)
  3. Iceman
  4. Gambit
  5. Havok or Cyclops
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Mimic's OVERKILLPower Set:

Superman Prime
Captain Universe
Dr. Strange (Classic)

Basically this Power Set would make Mimic into something that you cannot use the term Omnipotent to properly define him as. With Superman Prime's GLG upgrades amplified by The Uni-Power by at least x50 (or if he's lucky enough and I mean really, Really, REALLY lucky it might end up getting his powers amplified by x7500) Mimic would never have to worry about Guardian 7's power going dry and reverting Superman Prime's power set to that of Superboy Prime because The Uni-Power would be able to reinforce the power Prime took from Guardian 7 when he "died" during The Sinestro Corps War and keep it from "draining" out of his body.

Then give "Captain Universe Prime" the CLASSIC Dr. Strange's Sorcerer Supreme power set and toss in Proteus' and Morph's power sets (the Proteus Power Set would not have the cellular degrdation effect as Morph, Prime and Captain Universe's power sets would cancel that nasty side-effect out) for good measure and you've basically turned Mimic into an unstoppable force of nature.

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1 Naruto - multiple shadow clones, Sexy Time Mode!

2 Super Boy - invulnerability, strength, leap tall buildings in a single bound, Prime Rage Mode!

3 Hero Nakamura - space/time manipulation, Time Travel Mode!

4 Elixer - biological manipulation, healing, Death Touch Mode!

5 Midnighter - Precognition, back up heart, No Pain Mode!

Female Vers.

1 Duplicate girl - split into three selves each having own power, make multiple dupes, force fields,

2 Spiral - teleportation, timestream phasing, six arms, immune to possession,

3 Hinata - byakugan vision, healing

4 Psylock - telepathy, psychic weapons

5 Gamora - master of most martial arts, precognitive instinct, resistant to reality distortion and telepathic attack, nearly unbreakable skull

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scrath fabian cortez for Ando of heroes

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