dark_noldor's Millar & McNiven's Nemesis #4 - Part Four review

Final Showdown

I think this was a book first intended to shock people, showing an extreme act or pack of senselles violence just because the person responsible for all of it was bored, in this case, rich and bored. I must admit that this message of shock, of outrageous and insanity really came through, especially after the weird experiences that Nemesis put Morrow´s daughter and family through. Nonetheless this book does deliver an incredible amount of violence, pure and simple shoot to kill, don´t matter who - the president, the pope, innocents or criminals. But the question that stayed with me after reading this mini series is: Was all of that nonsense violence any good? Unfortunally this is a worn out idea, so many times used in Hollywood, that simply left this book as just another sample of this display of violence media and just that. There´s no brilliantism in that, nothing spectacular, just plain old violence in the end. Sure, the plan was good, well executed, but the whole idea of an organization, of thinking it trhough 10 years ahead and knowing the outcome already, the exageration in the twists of the plot, all these weren´t good concepts for the plot and development of the story. McNiven´s art was the best thing about this mini series and even this suffered sometimes from inconsistency and some strange moments. I was a little disapointed with this final issue, unfortunally that´s what usually happens after a great first issue, things just go stray.
2.5 out 5


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