the_lobster_'s Millar & McNiven's Nemesis #4 - Part Four review

Not As Good As 2 Or 3, But Better Than 1

The title pretty much explains this entire book. While issue 1 was really good, it still lacked a certain something. Issues 2 and 3 made up for whatever it is it lacked with a war between two guys who are both the best at whatever it is they do. Issue 4 is the conclusion, and boy does it conclude. People seem to hate this issue for some reason but I enjoyed it, even if it ripped off a few things from popular movies. 
I enjoyed the many twists and turns this issue took. I'm not going to spoil anything, but damn I did not see that coming. None of the twists I saw coming. Unlike Mark Millar's other ongoing series, Superior I knew right from issue 2 about who would be the villain. It was obvious. This book however had many twist that I don't think anyone would see coming, unless you're the worlds greatest detective. Even the one twist that I did predict right, was down-boggled by two other twists that came out of nowhere. 
The book is good because you have no idea what to expect next. 
The artwork is also really good, Steve McNiven really did a fantastic job on this series. I love how the colors are added to his pencils, skipping the inking process. It gives this really smooth yet slightly sketchy look to it that I totally dig. Bravo Steve McNiven, Bravo. 
Now the bad thing about this issue. Well the entire series just seems like a bunch of rip offs in a series about a rip off. You have a Batman rip off doing things that are rip off of other things. Like the car turning into a bike in issue 2, obviously a rip off of the Bat-pod in The Dark Knight. Well in this issue, we get one scene that is almost a rip off of the climatic showdown in The Dark Knight, and the ending reminded me just a little too much of Silence of the Lambs. Although every rip off is handled in a way that still feels original and at least it all fits into the overall story. 
So yeah, this issue was pretty good. It was a good ending and I look forward to the movie that is going to come out. I also look forward to Volume 2 that is advertised at the back of the book. It'll be a hard spot to make a sequel because the ending of this book has closure. I don't think it's at all possible to make a sequel to this, but maybe I'll be proved wrong. The book was good, if it wasn't for a few obvious knock-offs holding it back then it would actually be really good, but as it stands. Good ending to an interesting series.


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