amp___seeker_of_lost_knowledge's Milestone Forever #2 - Hardware: Escape; Static Shock: Whatever Happened to All the Fun in the World? review

'And They Lived Happily Ever After...'

  I am so proud that I bought this! This have now wrapped up for the Milestone characters as they make their transition to the DC Universe. The first few pages almost reminded me of the Hardware #1....until Hardware decides to hang up his costume and leave the empire he inherited from the late Edwin Alva Sr. in order to marry his girlfriend. I was surprised to see Technique after her few appearances in Hardware as she comes in as his replacement. And interesting part of Hardware's ending was that he frees a bird, like the same bird that tried to get free from the very 1st issue but failed, is now free.....meaning Curt Metcalf is now free from everything that started out for him......I wonder if he'll take a job as a high school/college instructor?
  AND STATIC, WOW, WOW, and WOW.....10 years into the future (and another 10 later) at a high school reunion (still hasn't explain what happened in the very last Static issue, #45, though....but it was still very interesting to see some of his friends again). HOTSTREAK IS ALIVE?! WOW (but I thought he died back in Static #20. And calling himself FIREWHEEL....lame). Momma Hawkins is still alive, but Pappa Hawkins is dead is sad....and Shannon married and pregnant YIKES (Something tells me that her children will torment poor Uncle Virgil). And the very end...VIRGIL/STATIC finally marries FRIEDA GOREN and together have children......THAT HAS GOT TO BE THE BEST PART (BRAVO McDuffie, you finally got something right). I understand that they named their son Larry after their dead friend, Larry Wade, but Sadie , is that a pun for 'Sadie Hawkins Dance' because if so, that one deserves big LAUGH.
  As we reach for the moment where Dharma uses the powers of Rift, a character from Worlds Collide, I was surprised that he killed his lover, Iron Butterfly, but said that he'll bring everyone back.......does this mean that HAS HAPPENED TO EVERYONE WON'T HAPPEN IN THE DC UNIVERSE?! (Holocaust is still ALIVE? Hardware and Static won't retire?) Only time will time for future comic books. I think that everyone will really enjoy this so much, especially for every Milestone Fans.

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Posted by KING-A the true king

I thought it was a good book but the hotstreak alive think confussed me. 
Posted by RedK
Thought it was a good book liked the way it look'd ten years into Static's future and his kids, but since that universe was merged with the DC i think that that will just be a possible future or it won't happen at all.
@KING-A the true king:  he didn't die he was shot in the chest and when the cops came over to him he said "please don't let me die, i'm sorry, i'm so sorry "

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