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Little is known about Miles St Aubrey's origin. He was presumably born and raised in England. It is unclear if he inherited his power or rose to it; regardless, at some point he became a figure of no small political and social power. Around this time he became close with Dudley Caldecott, and the pair soon became leaders of the vaguely-named "Group", a collective of occultists and corrupt industrialists who used captive supernatural entities and ritual sacrifice to enhance their political, social and economic standings. Apparently lacking moral compunctions, he appears willing to engage in any sort of trade that will turn a profit.  


 St Aubrey was created by James Robinson and Javier Pulido

Major Story Arcs

The Shade 

St Aubrey conspires with Caldecott to have Caldecott's infamous great-grandfather, the Shade, killed in order to keep him from investigating their activities. When this assassination attempt fails, he and Caldecott formulate a new plan, orchestrating the Shade's capture and subduing him with the assistance of the captive beings, which cancel out his power. Shade is able to trick St Aubrey into allowing the beings too much power by constantly making escape attempts. The beings break free, and in the ensuing chaos St Aubrey is killed by one of the beings.  

Powers and Abilities

St Aubrey has no known personal superhuman abilities. He has access to the powers of three mysterious supernatural beings whose energies apparently grant him luck in his endeavours. He is also a skilled and charismatic leader. 

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