is he invisible?

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i like that miles can go invisible but how does he do it? i dont read comics so i dont know if the comic explains it but its kinda weird he can just go invisible without a machine or anything... so is it his skin? tiny hairs? light bending?

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So, far they have not explained why he is invisible but I am sure it will come up as more issues come out for the series. I think they would explain sooner than later.

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Camouflage tactic that some spiders have to avoid danger. How it works, I have no idea, but thats my idea.

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He's not invisible, he changes colour like a chameleon 
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@spiderbat87 said:

@Enrique90: He's not invisible, he changes colour like a chameleon

Karma karma karma karma, karma chameleon

You come and go, you come and go

Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dream

Red gold and green, red gold and green

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i think it would make more sence if he did camouflage instead of go invisible but i read that when he activated it the first time he just vanished ... im all for him blending in like a chameleon cuz then he would only be invisible at night and then theres a stelth factor to his ability. but full iinvisibilty is too good and it sucks when super powers are too good.

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@spiderbat87 said:


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He got knocked out when his head hit a metal pipe. Yeah he runs the risk of having too good powers.

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Well some Spiders (mainly crab spiders) can change color to blend in with flowers so they can grab pollinating insects when they come to feed I guess that's the thought behind it.

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I dunno, knowing marvel, he might have alittle sue storm in him or something lol. seriously, it's possible he's got a predator thing going on, where he's barely visible because his skin bends ambient light so that its imperceptible to our naked eyes. maybe its something in the blood thats spread through every inch of his body, his skin has to have some kind of super ability, because he can change what ever touches his body itself and not just his flesh, hence the suit going invisible. I think he can do alot more though, and hes only at the tip of the iceberg.

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Its a stapolation of blending... They migth take it to really invisible the same way they did to spidersense

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