NEW Miles Morales (Possible) Love Interest

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@Freddy_F_Freeman said:

@wr3h said:

@Freddy_F_Freeman said:

i think it would be cool to give miles a GF or at least a female friend and from the looks of it they are going to with that girl, it seems like she knows or is gonna figure out that he's spider-man

Hmm I doubt that.

Haven't Miles only been Spider-Man for a couple of months?

There's no way that she'd deduce or make an assumption in that short space of time.

yeah he hasnt been spidey for long but she's always around when him and ganke are talking about him being spidey so im thinking she overheard or something, im thinking one day shes gonna randomly cover for miles when ganke cant and that'll lead to something

stalker much?


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haha i was thinking the same thing

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