Miles Morales' uncle is the Prowler

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It's an educated guess I made. Here are my reasons

  • Miles' father said he was a thief.
  • His name is Aaron (one of the Prowler's alias).
  • The Spider from the lab that crawled into the Prowler's bag when he robbed it was the some one that was at Aaron's house and bit Miles.

My guess Mile's uncle Aaron is the Prowler of Spider-Man.

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ya, his mask gives it away

#3 Posted by Black_Kn1ght (355 posts) - - Show Bio

@aztek_the_lost: yeah thats who

#4 Posted by blur1528 (1096 posts) - - Show Bio

@aztek_the_lost said:

are we talking about Uncle Snoop Dogg or does he have another uncle?


@Black_Kn1ght: Yea him and Miles are about to come to a breaking point. I really wanna see an all out battle between the two of them.

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