How is Divided/United for him specifically?

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It may just be me, and my opinion, but I think one of the worst things for a character like Spider-Man is for him to be dragged into an event that also has characters like Captain America and Iron Man and even the X-Men. I often ask myself what the heck Spider-Man is doing in the same fictional universe as them sometimes, because Spider-Man is the most plot driven character in comics. That might be for another thread on another day, though.

What I mean is that I haven't really been reading Divided We Fall or anything that came after his origin arc. So tell me, how has Ultimate Comics Spider-Man been faring as of late? Since Marvel NOW! has rolled along, I am buying more Marvel comics, and now is as good a time as ever to pick up my slack on Ultimate Comics.

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@Twentyfive: If you only read the origin arc, then you're REALLY missing out on the series. We may have different opinions, but the book really picks up steam toward the end of the second arc. It's Bendis's best work (aka it's really good stuff, but better in trade). I look forward to it every month, and the crossover hasn't slowed it down too much. It ends next issue. And it's one of the funniest books on the stands.

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@Captain13: Thank you for your opinion, and for someone finally answering my question. Since you like it, I will break out some cash, and spill it towards more of Miles' stories. The thing is, until now, I have leaned toward DC because I haven't had much money to read all the things I want (dang school). But as I am seeing these two companies for the first time in a while, I honestly believe Marvel has better books, and for the most part, I am going to jump off the DC ship. I will still read my mains. Supergirl, Action, and Batwing and I might pick up Sword of Sorcery as well. But that's it as far as DC for me.

I must admit though, one thing I hate about Marvel is that they overprice most of their books.

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@Twentyfive: Yeah, I agree about pricing. It makes it hard to jump ship. The only Marvel books I'm reading right now are Ultimate Comics Spider-man, Ultimate Comics Ultimates, Iron Man, Thor, and Amazing Spider-man. Those are all great.

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Well he has a lot to do with the events, since Cap made him a member of the Ultimates, since he was so impressed with him.

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