Comic Vine mentioned in new Ultimate Spider-Man promo

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The release of the the all new Ultimate Spider-Man title is imminent. This story has been worldwide, a lot of people are talking about it and a lot of people have something to say. Marvel knows this and has taken advantage of it with a new promo for the first issue, mentioning various quotes and media outlets that have talked about the story.

Comic Vine being one of them. The promo doesn't mention a specific quote but Marvel certainly knew we were talking about it. You can see right above where it shows the cover to the first issue in the bottom, right hand corner.

Pretty cool huh?

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We're at the most important place

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They should have quoted me directly because I understand the struggle all too well.

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They can quote me:

"A half-black, half-Hispanic, gay Spider-Man? I'm all for diversity, but did they just throw darts at a cultural dart-board for this one?"

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@inferiorego: Haha they've gone one step further and printed hate mail in the letters section in the first issue!!! I'm thinking that A LOT of people out there think that this is the actual Spider-Man who's been replaced

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@Baddamdog: Because A LOT of people don't pay attention or read past titles of articles. People are lazy.

Wait... the real Spider-Man has been replaced!?

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@inferiorego: HULK SMASH

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