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Possibly the greatest troublemaker in Nube's class, Miki Hosokawa is known best for her big mouth, her vast spiritual knowledge...and her big bust! At the start, Miki was a mere tattletale, consistently chatting on and on about various rumors and such, especially if Nube was involved. But after a near-fatal encounter with a tattletale yokai that first pinned blame on her for several downright hurtful rumors and then tried to eat her, she began to tone down her talking and starts focusing on more spiritual matters. Miki begins to do consistent research on various spirit and yokai manners, to the point where even her teacher came to her for things he may not know! While most of this is merely knowledge, she consistently looks for supernatural means to assist her, either for her rumor mill or to get rich quick. 
Miki reading how to do the Astral Projection chant that awakened her powers.
Eventually she became a Rokurokubi after buying and studying a book on astral projection. She first did the chant one evening, but eventually feel asleep where it started to work. The next day she was tired from doing the chant late at night that she fell asleep in class. Nube told her to go sleep in the nurses office, and as punishment for sleeping in class he told her their having a math test next period. Once in the nurses office she complains about Nube being unfare for doing that and starts to fall asleep only thinking about the math test. Then her astral projection ability awakened and she thought she was flying but didn't notice that her neck was stretching at great distances. She eventually played with her ability until she made her way to the teachers lounge, where she got the idea to find the answers for the test. Eventually Ritsuko Takahashi came into the lounge, and Miki playfully stuck her tounge out at her for fun thinking no one can see her. But Ritsuko screamed real loud, and startled Miki to make her return to her body.
Miki playing aroud with her astral projecting.

Eventually she woke up and came to see who screamed, only to have miss Ritsuko point out she was a Rokurokubi to which Miki denied. Later that day she remebered the answers for the test and passed passed with even scores. Believing she can really leave her body she tried again later that night. She then went to visit her classmates at home to test her ability but she really went to spy on them, or scare them (which she did all night . The next day her classmates were angry and told Nube what happened and he decided to talk to her about what happened. When she came into class everyone stared at her and claimed she was a monster, and Nube was about to remove his clove only to help her. Seeing this she thought he was going to kill her so she ran and hid in the back of the school in a shed, where she passed out from fatigue. She later woke up and discovered her long neck and finally figured out what everyone was talking about, and in shock screamed real loud which the whole class heard. Nube and the class hurried to the back of the school, and arrived to find miki with her long neck. Miki thought Nube was going to kill her, so she tried to talk him out of it. But he was silent and removed his glove, and as he was about to attack he really was aiming for the base of her neck. Revealing that only her astral part of her body was stretching and not her neck, and proving that she was not a monster. Happy to hear this nube then sealed her ability so that it wouldn't happen again. But in Volume 14 she obtained her ability again but this time she can stretch her neck while awake. She mostly uses this ability to spy on others now, and mostly scare people for fun especially Ms. Ritsuko who she takes pure pleasure in scaring, since she jumps alot at anything scary.

Miki visiting, and scaring her classmates.


Miki turning into a Rokurokubi.
Miki has vast knowledge of the spuernatural world from studying books. She later bought a book on astral projection which unlocked her ability to become Rokurokubi (A Japanese yokai that have really long necks . She at first did not know only her astral head let her body and thought she was flying, she later used this ability to cheat on a test. She never realized that she was not invisible and could be seen with her long neck, which made her classmates think she was a real yokai. Nube then sealed her power so that it wouldn't happen again. But in Volume 14 she got her ability back but can stretch her neck while awake. Now she mostly uses it to spy on others, or to scare people which she enjoys alot.

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