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Brief History

Mike Powell seemingly was a corrupt police officer whom seemed to perish the day his son found the amulet that made him Darkhawk. It looked like Mike was on the payroll of criminals. When Mike went out for a meeting with these criminals, his son Chris followed. It was then that Chris was discovered by the criminals. When Mike saw his son, he saw the error of his ways and attacked the criminals, whom had it in for his son now. Mike seemingly perished that day when he was shot by one of the criminals. Some years later, Chris however learned that his father was alive, and not everything was as it seemed. Mike was part of a group of former and current cops whom were taking payoffs from Philippe Bazin, a New York mob boss, in order to finance a secret weapon against crime, the Savage Steel armor. Mike Powell disagreed with the methods in which they wanted to use the armor and had a major argument with The Cabal that gave him no choice but to disappear after the next payoff. Mike had not actually been corrupt and eventually returned to his family.

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