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Henderson was put in charge of the investigation of the murder of Agent Liberty. Working with Supergirl he found that Superwoman was guilty. In the fight against Reactron Henderson was severely injured but managed to fire his weapon at the villain. He is currently receiving medical attention for his wounds. 

The Silver Banshee

Inspector Henderson has recently been occupied with Supergirl trying to figure out the mystery of the Silver Banshee & her family heirlooms. He has strangely managed to find 5 heirlooms, and one of them, a coin, was pinned in his hand by magic. In return of him finding 5 of her heirlooms, the Silver Banshee saved his life by removing a coin and dagger from his hand and cured the injury. She thinks she ows him grattitude and promises that one day, when he will most need it, he will hear the REAL song of the banshee. 
Inspector Henderson could be held responsible for Lana Lang's recent death since before he contacted Supergirl to help him on this case, she was trying to cure her dying friend.

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