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Streak of Chalk
Miguelanxo Prado's has won several of the most prestigious awards in Europe, the most important being the Angoulême award (wich he has won twice) and the Grand Prize at Barcelona's festival. He has also been nominated for the most important awards in the US. In 1995, for Streak of Chalk (Trazo de tiza), he got a nomination for the Will Eisner (best painter/illustrator) and another one for the Harvey award (best foreign book). A couple of years later he was nominated once more for the Will Eisner and in 2004 he finally won it, together with Neil Gaiman, Milo Manara, Frank Quitely, Bill Sienkiewicz, P. Craig Russell, Barron Storey and Glenn Fabry for Best Anthology: The Sandman: Endless Nights.
Prado is interested in painting and literature since a young age. He gives up studying architecture and gets into comics inspired by authors like Moebius and Sergio Toppi. During the 80's his work is published in the most famous magazines of that time: El Jueves, Comix International, Zona 84, 1984, Creepy, Cairo and Cimoc. His books are compilations of the strips published in those magazines. He soon begins to win awards for works like Daily Delirium. In 1993 he publishes his first long story, Streak of Chalk, and gets to be known and recognized world wide, including nominations for the Harvey and Will Eisner awards. 

During the 90's, the magazines wane and Prado starts to work sometimes in TV series like the Men in Black cartoons produced by Steven Spielberg. He also is one of the european artists offered to publish directly in Japan with Kodansha, one of the most important japanese comic publishers. In 1998 he becomes the director of the comicbook festival organized in his home town, A Coruña.
Daily Delirium
In the 2000's, Prado publishes fewer comics and works instead on other projects. He draws one of the stories written by Neil Gaiman included on the anniversary special edition The Sandman: Endless Nights, and not just any story, he works on the one with Morpheus, the Dream of the Endless. He dedicates several years to De Produndis, a very personal animation movie written and drawned entirely by him. In 2009, he becomes a member of the Fine Arts Academy of Galicia. A long graphic novel called Ardalen is announced to be published in 2011 by Norma Editorial.




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