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Known History

The third child born to Hank McCoy AKA Beast and Cecilia Reyes on earth 41001.


Citizenship: of Birth: unrevealed
Marital Status: presumably single
Occupation:  Student
Known Relatives:
Dr. Cecilia Reyes-McCoy (mother),  Dr. Henry Phillip "Hank" McCoy (father),  Francesca McCoy  (sister),  Miguel Alejandro McCoy   (younger brother),
Norton McCoy (Grandfather), Edna McCoy (Grandmother), Sadie McCoy (Great grandmother), Bob (Great, great Grand uncle), Alejandro and Maria Reyes (grandparents deceased); Colonel Miguel Reyes(Uncle)


Physical characteristics

Height: 5'3
Weight: unknown
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: yellow


Distinguishing features

He is covered in thick blue fur and has yellow eyes and pointed lupine ears.
Powers and Abilities

Taking after his father Young Miguel is the only "Obvious" mutant in his family. He has superhuman strength , agility, endurance, and speed all to an unspecified degree. He also has razor sharp claws on his hands and his feet and a thick blue fur all over his body. His sense of sight, touch and taste may also be enhanced but this too would be to an unspecified degree. 
It is unknown if he will undergo secondary mutation or develop powers similar to his mother.


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