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Max is a quick witted and smart mouthed pre teen who lives in the suburbs. He attends school and lives a normal carefree life living with his mother who is a museum curator. His life changes forever when he receives a package in the mail addressed to him and inside is a box like statue with Egtyptian hieroglyphics on it. Using his mother's books he translates the glyphs and reads it to state "You have chosen to be the Cap-bearer. Go to the Mini mart and await a sign". Astonished, Max drops the statue and in the rubble finds a red baseball cap with a large yellow "M" on it. When Max arrives at the mini mart he is attacked by a lava monster and flees. It is at this moment that the yellow "M" on Max's new cap glows and emits lightning and a flash creating a portal in which max jumps into to escape. Max wakes up in a desert somewhere (Mongolia) to find a small chicken like humanoid creature with glasses and robes looking at him. This being reveals itself to be Virgil, a Lemurian that is over 10,000 years old. He tells Max that he is the chosen one who will save the earth and safeguard the "key". The "key" is Max's cap that can use ancient technologies that tap into the planets electromagnetic field and its core to manifest portals that can instantly transport matter through space or time to any distance, much like wormholes. Virgil explains that he will be Max's guide and instructor while Max protects the earth's people and defeat the evil Skullmaster, a demonic subterranean overlord who is imprisoned beneath the earths crust and needs the cap to free himself and unleash his armies on the surface world. Virgil then introduces Max to his guardian, and sworn protector Norman. Norman is a massive stoic nordic looking warrior who has been blessed with long life and is also thousands of years old. he appears with a broad sword on his back and a metal armor sleeve. He is described as being nearly invulnerable and a gifted warrior and has sworn to protect the chosen one whoever that might be. After some reluctance Max accepts his role as the chosen one and sets off with Virgil and Norman to defeat Skullmaster and protect Earth. He is Mighty Max.


Max is a quick witted and rambunctious kid with a smart moth. He usually shows an interest in skateboarding, computer games, sports and playing with friends while constantly making puns about his environments and other people. He is often surprised at the dangers prsented in front of him but shoes courage in the face of extreme odds after accepting his destiny.

Animated Series:

Mighty Max the show ran for two season and had a total of 40 episodes. At the end of each episode it would include an educational epilogue detailing fun facts about the different international locations the shows characters visited.

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